Beyond the Plaything of Predilection.

Sleep, like dreams ephemeral.
Anxiety shaken beyond recognition.
Stranger arrives, sobs, leaves.
Seemingly peach, no roses.
Singles going slowly, lukewarm disgusting.
Tray unreasonable healthless
and did not ask.
Fear and fear and fear.
Tag wrist, ankle, no toes this week.
Home stronger than steel.
Pressure cuff plaything
all rubber tubes.
Menu choices, leaving?
So out of place, era, nationality.
Inspiration from the land of
dead trees and roses
Bring me the publisher
nonsensical orange on blue
Theretofore flapping palm tree
on pine cone subliminal
Today only! Get your hot free
parking if you're sick
Finally, TVs on gas pumps...
I wish I made it up. Make it
go away.


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