Pages and Pages. More 07. Net increases, net lossisms.
Played out. Continue clear fog dissonance remains clearer, inspires.
Ink flies, protects, absorbs heat, informs.
Communication visual mandation continually evolving, much like
words thoughts diagrams structure.
Perhaps broadcast receives.


Lakeside ocean river water. Where is it? Name?
Repeat. Beautiful. Repeat. Magnificent. Repeat. Empty.
100 percent ambivalence. Life erodes like nothing else.
Monkey bones might tell more memories to prepare themselves.
One day remaining. Many years left and going.
Charting unfathomable. More in shortness.
And happens sometimes, occurring air vents roundness.
Update minutes over and over.


Talking, nothing. Leg pain and doesn't work well.
Pine cones spelled on the lawn, no snow drift.
Broom flowers radiantly. Torch rock beach thoughts.
Moving. Someday.
White wires moving to and fro. The smile is genuine.
Take self in before bird's nest tackle.
Discombobulation, compass needed plus required forms.
Black hat on bed...more than one? Move.
Crackle not flame but rolling resistance, to the fore.
All upon the palm.


Empty. All quiet. Tremendous.
Unfinished house food to eat.
Bare roots sharing cigarette butts among sunflower.
No air arc smell several beaker underwater fits.
Hillside transformed, could be anywhere.
Gull flights like kites, warm summer thoughts coasting
along spring currents.
Red van, red pen?
Volcanic distance clouded by cold fear.
Spar, several growing, soon to bloom green, fill space.
Grace drive overtime.
Land drink group breathe battle continuum.
Search? Not quite. Cylinder alterior mechanism...thrown away.

What good?

Normality insinuous hamachi.
Red pen works wonders, only on paper.
Staple not included. Fuel surcharge applies tomorrow.
Sunday anger exudes genuine raingutters, straight
off the truck. Have you seen?
How much to learn? Questions...
Wires. Threads. Intercommunitangleation. Woven.
Warmth. Shine.


What it is when normal exists
the core seems black, like charcoal
scatter the walk, smears in rain
stillborn dreams are hard to clean.

Incredulous.second charm.

Godspeed your detectable scoured coast. Incredible, this black dieselfuel coat. Radar inspiration through dumbness inarticulate. Flow rivers into concrete blocks...dulling the pain. Find the memory hole, win my previous posts.

Incredulous...first time.

Godspeed you delectable stumpwater toast. Incredible, this black dieselfuel coat. Radar instigation through numbness immaculate. Flow rivers into concrete blocks...dulling the pain.



Lost my last post. Free service. Thoughts of a mat. So much for th' blue sky theory. Cards soon. More photos. Notes.



So many things classify. Automobile. House. Headphones. Home is where you hang yer hat and the island superimposes. A journey, yes. Feet not needed.


Drunkeness Waves.

Sound travellin' through watery air ripples. Shaw thinks of nipples. Courtroom drama fills th' residual processes while C8-H10-N4-O2 arises. Huge encyclopedia for all. Suppress. Red 'n' black.



Empty morning phone call aside, why is the morning so strangely quiet and ripe with possibilities?


His chance to sub-blog has arrived! Cut the streamers! Send the ribbons flying! When will he blog again? A mighty "S" should appear on the doorpost soon...

Spring sprunging.

Think of dirty floors. Sky is back, better than ever...very blue, deeply majestic. WVO is ideal for driving...but to install! Orthodox begging?!?! New tunes.



Early groggy decision...2 headlights better than one. Do dogs ever sleep?



Notes. Pellets of rain on th' windshield. The sun was here a few days ago but now, the rain returns. Make yer own judgement call: beer in tow.

Quantum physical.

Trying to think back; when did this idea come about? Vagaries aside, the specific date escapes a vortex to travel on and on. Someone keeps saying punk is dead, love is dead, all the heroes are dead...but I don't believe him nor do I believe much of anything else. Scepticism rules the day and is not hard 'n' fast. The world is incredible, amazing, beautiful. It is possible to be blind but impossible to be entirely without. Red ink.