Looped Reign.

Not enough thirds, fifths
Too many quarters
Radio deep space burrows
Bell jar brains in rows
Scratchy LEDs beyond and among
Transistorized borders.


Wheels turn progression processed food powder
Not green yet, no scarves.
Spigots among lighthoods.
Garage of the wicked?

Seize the slow.

Tall grass through the fences.
Leave another time.


Soul crushing janitor file post crush
never even
Smiling concrete teeth uneven gravelly rut
spray like moss
Brittle paper clip antenna forgiving serration
remind mud pile
Listen to school time news post 84 pre 55
large paddle holes, thick
Profession thoughts explosion fantastical
not to be
Listen and sit, count your changes in lint
get verial
Fog of rays of no eye contact unintentional
no understanding
Cowboy life through paved roads, rubber hooves
and little wildlife.



A room full of monkeys banging away at typewriters
would be entirely incapable of predicting or
creating this absolute royal shithole we live in today.
Humanity is very special indeed.
We should all have pet foxes, seven for each
loyal citizen, one for every day of the week.
I imagine we'll never leave well enough alone.

Beyond Fear and the Mission.

Sliding chairs and bumblebee monkey sleeps.
Alive and awake, a bizarre experience.
Magic 8 ball medicine
makes me question.
Into what corpse can we implant
bureaucracy next?
Insurance like Rain X, slithers away
Dogs with dark sunglasses would be
more efficient.
Picky perhaps, a dangerous assumption
to make of others.
Bombardment medial flambe
whiskey tango foxtrot to the
entire staff
please tell me I'm full,
it wouldn't take much.

Beyond the Plaything of Predilection.

Sleep, like dreams ephemeral.
Anxiety shaken beyond recognition.
Stranger arrives, sobs, leaves.
Seemingly peach, no roses.
Singles going slowly, lukewarm disgusting.
Tray unreasonable healthless
and did not ask.
Fear and fear and fear.
Tag wrist, ankle, no toes this week.
Home stronger than steel.
Pressure cuff plaything
all rubber tubes.
Menu choices, leaving?
So out of place, era, nationality.
Inspiration from the land of
dead trees and roses
Bring me the publisher
nonsensical orange on blue
Theretofore flapping palm tree
on pine cone subliminal
Today only! Get your hot free
parking if you're sick
Finally, TVs on gas pumps...
I wish I made it up. Make it
go away.